We are proud to announce a new 2.4.7 release of "Alloy - Launcher and Automator".  This release includes:

  •  Restored the Weather action by utilizing a different weather data provider
  •  Added additional apps to the known apps list
  •  Minor fixes and improvements

Also do no miss new great features introduced in previous releases of "Alloy - Launcher and Automator":

  • v2.4.1: this release introduces  improved Siri Shortcuts and support of animated GIF.
  • v2.4.0: this release introduces iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts support.
  • v2.3.0: this release introduces new iMessage Extension, lots of Actions and Task updated to support iMessage Extension etc.
  • v2.0.0: this release introduces Glances, Background and Menu workflows, new Widget, new Action Extension, bunch of new actions utilizing Glances etc.