Want to integrate Alloy with incredible Web-automation service Zapier? It can be done pretty easily by triggering Zapier actions (Zap's) right from Alloy's actions using Zapier's Webhooks and Alloy's "HTTP Request" tasks. 


Here is a short guide:

  1. In Zapier:
    1. Sign in to Zapier and start a new Zap.
    2. Choose Webhooks as a trigger app and continue.
    3. Choose "Catch Hook" and continue.
    4. Skip "Pick off a Child Key" step.
  2. In Alloy app:
    1. Create a new action, go to Workflow and add a new "HTTP Request" task.
    2. Copy or type Zap's Webhooks URL to task's URL.
    3. Specify POST in the Method.
    4. Specify application/json in the Header.
    5. Specify sample data in JSON format in the Body. Zapier will use that sample data to discover and define trigger's fields. 
    6. Save the "HTTP Request" task. 
  3. In Zapier: Click the "OK, I did it" button.
  4. In Alloy: 
    1. Run workflow to test just created Webhook.
    2. Save the action.
  5. In Zapier: wait for test completion and continue.

That's it! Now you can continue building your Zap utilizing fields, that will be propagated from Alloy.