Want to organize and use shortcuts to your contacts? There're Alloy's actions for that!  The following actions/families are available:

  • "Contact Action" - allows to utilize any available ways (phone, SMS, email) to contact to a chosen person. You can easily add that action for a contact by taping to a free space (or taping the "+" button) and choosing the "Contact Action" from the list
  • "Call" actions  
  • "SMS" actions
  • "Email" actions
  • "Birthday" actions, which allow to greet your contacts having birthday today or tomorrow.

As usual, you can freely move Contact actions between different pages, organize them using folders (e.g. "Friends" or "Customers"), utilize Favorites to access mostly used contacts etc. 

You can schedule contact actions to be automatically notified to:

  • send SMS to someone with birthday greets
  • initiate an important call with a customer
  • send already prepared email or SMS at the right time, etc.

Though built-in contact actions are quite comprehensive, you are free to modify existing actions or design new actions to better fit your needs. To build custom actions - use "Choose Contact", "Choose Contact Photo", "Find Contacts" and "Load Contacts" tasks which would deal with Contact objects.