Like to make your to-do's in plain text? Use TaskPaper format and Alloy's facilities to achieve that. 


TaskPaper knows about three things: projects, tasks and tags. 

To create a project, type a line ending with a colon:


To create a task, type a line starting with a dash followed by a space:

- Milk

To create a tag, type the @ symbol followed by a name. Tags can optionally have a

value in parentheses after the tag name:


Put these things together to make lists:


- Eggs

- Lettuce

- Milk @priority(1)


To utilize TaskPaper format you can use either:

1. Ready-to-use "Ta
skPaper" action, which takes text in TaskPaper format and creates corresponding reminders in Reminders app. The following tags are supported by this action:
  • @priority(value) - defines reminder's priority. Priority value can be 0, 9, 5 or 1 (None, Low, Medium or High priorities).
  • @note(text) - defines reminder's note.
  • @done(value) - defines whether reminders is completed. Done value can be either 1 or 0 (completed or not). 
2. Use String.parseTaskPaper property to parse passed text in TaskPaperFormat and make an action of your own. This property returns parsed representation as an Array of tasks. Please check the "TaskPaper" action as a sample on how to handle String.parseTaskPaper result.